The latest technology and tools to keep you ahead of the threat

Fraud impacts your bottom line, but it also affects member trust and card usage. Fraud is a rapidly-changing, ever-growing threat. You need an ally who will help you protect your members, increase confidence and reduce costs.

CO-OP Fraud Prevention & Management combines technology, analytics and case management to keep you and your members ahead of the threat. Supported by a team of experienced analysts, CO-OP’s fraud solutions save credit unions millions in fraud losses each month.

You need an ally who will help you protect your members, increase confidence and reduce costs.

CO-OP Fraud Prevention & Management combats fraud with a comprehensive lineup of industry-leading products and services:

  • Fraud Manager
  • Fraud Monitoring and Reporting
  • Dispute Processing and Fraud Recovery
  • Travel & Authorization Block Bypass
  • CDRs


  • Fraud Analyzer
  • Fraud Score (coming next)

CO-OP Card Member Security Services:

  • CardNav by CO-OP Card Controls & Alerts
  • CO-OP Concierge
  • Fraud Text & Email Notifications

3-D Secure

3-D Secure (3DS) is a globally deployed technology created and administered by EMVCo to help mitigate fraud for card-not-present transactions, including online and ecommerce payments. 3DS is supported by all major payment networks, and is being branded in the U.S. as Verified-by-Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, SafeKey for American Express and ProtectBuy for Discover.

3DS adds a layer of authentication to the basic flow of a card-not-present transaction:


With 3DS, issuers can authenticate a cardholder before moving into the authorization phase of a transaction, in which the issuing financial institution confirms that a cardholder has sufficient funds to conduct a transaction (available or in credit).

CO-OP currently supports Version 2 of 3DS, which is being mandated by both Visa and MasterCard in 2019 via a liability shift similar in nature to the EMV chip card migration. Version 2 uses risk-based authentication based on the information available at the time of transaction – from the merchant and the issuer – and does not support username and password any longer. Cardholders are therefore automatically enrolled into 3DS version 2.

Cardholders can look forward to a frictionless ecommerce experience. Issuers can optionally add a step-up authentication where required, using a one-time passcode delivered via text message. Additionally, 3DS version 2 now extends beyond the browser to include merchants’ mobile apps and vendors’ mobile wallets.

As more and more transactions move to online, mobile and ecommerce, 3DS provides a seamless level of security for card-not-present transactions.