Pay Digital Card Issuance

Deliver digital Credit and Debit credentials instantly, allowing members to utilize their cards without interruption

CO-OP Digital Card Issuance gives your cardholders a seamless, touchless, and secure process to access their Credit or Debit card accounts immediately through your mobile app or online banking system while waiting for a new or reissued physical card.

Because Your Members Should Never Stop Using Their Cards: 

Use CO-OP Digital Card Issuance to keep the momentum in your Credit and Debit relationships. Instantly issued digital card credentials give your credit union a strategic and competitive edge. Nearly half of consumers surveyed who switched financial service providers wanted a more innovative partner.*
Drive deeper mobile engagement and position yourself as an innovator through frictionless, immediate access to digital payments that earn you top-of-wallet status and Primary Financial Relationship.

Deliver immediate access to new card credentials. Members enjoy uninterrupted card usage, resulting in more days of spend— and increased interchange and interest revenue.
Achieve operational efficiency through self-service. When members help themselves through the card reissue process, they get faster results with cost savings for you.
Customize the experience with APIs: Create the branded member experience that fits your credit union’s needs with the flexibility to build new functionality over time.


*GlobalData, “Digital Only Banks: Threat or Motivator?” December, 2018

Want to learn more about CO-OP Digital Card Issuance? 

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