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Upgrade to seamless, secure payments and digital banking for connected members

Digital payments and banking are changing the way consumers use money across the board. CO-OP’s digital networks help you deliver pay-anyone P2P transactions via Zelle; mobile banking that is as simple as it is powerful; and bill pay with an elegant and easy-to-use interface.

Online Banking

Make developing financial wellness easy through a single intelligent solution. CO-OP’s digital banking solution empowers you to create exceptional member experiences across connected devices. With a few clicks, your members can easily manage their finances - no matter the channel.

CO-OP’s digital banking solution also helps your members manage their finances, while simultaneously increasing your credit union’s operational efficiency. Both scalable and customizable, this system streamlines multiple vendor relationships into a single interface. It’s a simplified way to give members a truly personalized banking environment.

A New Payments Network with Scale

Moving money from person to person is an essential part of life for connected consumers. Zelle®, a new payments network powered by Early Warning, makes it possible for your members to pay almost anyone – quickly and without friction. With participation from major financial institutions across the country, Zelle promises instant scale.

CO-OP is developing a solution that will offer clients the unique opportunity to introduce Zelle using existing infrastructure and connectivity – making it faster and less expensive to connect your members with the direct account-to-account money transfers they want. Stay tuned for news on availability in 2018.

Download the Zelle Startup Guide to learn what’s required to introduce Zelle at your credit union, and what to expect during implementation.

MyCard Info

Give your members a closer connection to their cards. With MyCardInfo, your members have convenient, real-time access to account-overview information, including account activity, statements, payments and more—everything they need to stay on top of their accounts with confidence.

It’s a mobile-friendly, self-service web platform that quickly adapts to your members’ emerging needs while helping you remain relevant as technology evolves.


Deliver a full-featured turnkey mobile banking solution with quick, cost-effective implementation. Sprig by CO-OP gives members convenient mobile access to all their accounts. It’s a flexible, on-the-go solution your members will thank you for. 

Backed by Sprig’s user-friendly functionality, members can conduct daily account activity with ease. Making transfers, depositing checks and sending money becomes a simplified, high-quality experience. In-app support, courtesy of CO-OP, adds an additional layer of expertise.


RealPay enables your members to send and receive immediate person-to-person payments. No hassle, no waiting - just instant, secure transactions. With any connected device, your members can access and transfer their funds. Enrollment is simple, for you and your members.

Able to integrate with three solutions, RealPay has several options to best suit your needs.

  • Sprig - Include RealPay as a feature in CO-OP’s turnkey mobile app.
  • CO-OP Mobile - Further customize this mobile solution with RealPay functionality.
  • Your own mobile banking app - Take advantage of our API offering to add RealPay.

Mobile Banking That’s Simple for You

Mobile banking is the most frequent point of contact for many credit union members. Being your members’ primary financial institution means putting your mobile experience first.

CO-OP Mobile enables you to provide a leading-edge, custom-branded app tailored to the needs of both you and your members – without the costly, time-consuming complexities of developing a solution in-house. If you’re already using CO-OP Shared Branching, adding CO-OP Mobile is a breeze. If you’re new to the network. CO-OP Mobile opens the doors to a new and continuously developing universe of great technology.


World-Class Bill Pay  –
Now within Your Reach

Paying bills online or by mobile device is an expected convenience. Delivering an experience that’s smooth, secure and convenient raises the bar on member engagement and loyalty. How do you find a bill pay solution that works as well for you as it does for your members?

CO-OP Bill Pay offers four different options:

 MemberPayPLUS, available through CO-OP’s partnership with digital banking provider Alkami, is a premium, fully-hosted solution that works as part of a comprehensive home banking platform.
 CO-OP Bill Pay API can be integrated into CO-OP Mobile as an optional feature. 
MemberPay offers basic hosted online bill pay.
Member Gateway works with your existing online banking to provide a “remit only” solution.
• Back office Client Portal application to monitor and manage users