Live, personalized help for your members 24/7 without the complexity and expense 

Self-service channels are rapidly becoming the primary member touchpoints for credit unions. For connected consumers, digital channels enhance the member experience. But they can also add confusion as members learn and relearn new systems, apps and interfaces. And throughout the member experience, sometimes there is no substitute for live conversation.

CO-OP’s Call Center offers a bridge between digital delivery and the personalized service credit unions strive to provide. Live 24/7 telephone access ensures that your members can get the help they need whenever, wherever they need it – without the operational complexity and expense of staffing your own phone center.

Member Interaction Services

Design your own level of service based on your members’ needs. Personalized round-the-clock help is backed by the unmatched power and versatility of the nationwide CO-OP Connect technology platform.

  • Choose from off-hour, overflow or full-time programs.
  • Deliver quality service and a member experience where everything appears to come directly from your credit union.
  • Maximize resources: Expand member service without the staffing, overhead or operational challenges, so you can concentrate on your core competencies.
  • Leverage the CO-OP Connect platform with access to other innovative CO-OP products and services like CO-OP Mobile and CO-OP Shared Branching.

Lending Services

Lending volumes are on the rise, but only if you can meet the growing demand for convenience. Consumers now expect to be able to apply for loans anytime, anywhere.


CO-OP Lending Services lets you offer your members origination, underwriting, indirect support and lending services that are fully flexible, built on an advanced platform and designed with your needs in mind. Retain your members, strengthen lending operations, close more loans and grow your revenue with expanded lending services: 

Telephone Decision Support: 24/7 phone loan processing with your choice of application only or automated decision and loan officer review using your criteria
Internet Decision Support: Fully customizable applications
Indirect Express Link: round-the-clock indirect decision support with connections to Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL)
Infrastructure that is seamless, solid and flexible
Technology that’s better, quicker and faster
People who are highly trained and highly dedicated, reflecting the level of service members expect from your credit union.
Multichannel, 24/7 support.

Card Support Services

Your members use their cards way beyond business hours. They need support that’s available whenever they need it – to report lost cards and fraud, inquire about chargebacks, settle disputes and more.

Card Support Services through CO-OP Member Center provide a dedicated toll-free number for members to call whenever they need information or assistance. Your members get help that’s personalized to your credit union and consistent with your standards of service, while
reducing the risk of losses due to errors or timing constraints.