Business Intelligence and Reporting

Activate Data in Meaningful Ways with CO-OP Insights Center

You don’t need to be a data scientist to understand your portfolio, you just need the right tools. CO-OP Insights Center is an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based reporting platform that helps you understand your credit, debit and ATM portfolios. Designed by credit unions for credit unions, CO-OP Insights Center simplifies complex information and provides self-service access to actionable insights to help you unlock growth opportunities and own more member moments.

 Data Tools

Advanced Data Tools

CO-OP’s data visualization technology allows you to quickly see the health of your portfolio, pull reports and export data into different formats for further analysis.


Clean, Customizable Navigation

Responsive web design enables seamless access to insights from any Internet-enabled device. Easy to use menus, favorites, frequently used and search features place all the data you need right at your fingertips.


Interactive Management Dashboards

Based on hundreds of data elements, management dashboards allow you to clearly understand how your portfolio is performing—and identify future opportunities for growth.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

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Note: Must have Credit and/or Debit Processing CO-OP to qualify

Additional Data Analytics and Reporting Solutions

CO-OP offers additional analytics, data consultation and reporting solutions for clients who do not subscribe to CO-OP Insights Center.

  • Data Analytics: Perform sophisticated data analysis; easily deploy and manage targeted marketing campaigns, including profitability analysis, plus mitigate fraud with Breached Merchant Analysis and Breached Card Analysis.
  • Data Consultation: A complete outsourced solution to maximize your portfolio and uncover hidden opportunities through a portfolio review; fully-managed marketing campaigns and customized support, analysis and training.
  • Reporting: Get the information you need to keep operations humming. CO-OP provides daily and monthly reporting, as well as easy and secure EFT reports.