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The latest technology and tools to keep you ahead of the threat

Fraud impacts your bottom line, but it also affects member trust and card usage. Fraud is a rapidly-changing, ever-growing threat. You need an ally who will help you protect your members, increase confidence and reduce costs.

CO-OP Fraud Prevention & Management combines technology, analytics and case management to keep you and your members ahead of the threat. Supported by a team of experienced analysts, CO-OP’s fraud solutions save credit unions millions in fraud losses each month.

You need an ally who will help you protect your members, increase confidence and reduce costs.

CO-OP Fraud Prevention & Management combats fraud with a comprehensive lineup of industry-leading products and services:


  • Fraud Manager
  • Fraud Monitoring and Reporting
  • Dispute Processing and Fraud Recovery
  • Travel & Authorization Block Bypass
  • CDRs


  • Fraud Analyzer
  • Fraud Score (coming next)

CO-OP Card Member Security Services:

  • CardNav by CO-OP Card Controls & Alerts
  • CO-OP Concierge
  • Fraud Text & Email Notifications


COOPER is the data-driven "brain" inside of CO-OP, designed to detect and fight fraud faster than ever before.

COOPER works behind the scenes to identify abnormal patterns, constantly learning and adapting with each transaction. With an intuitive machine-learning platform coupled with our team of experienced CO-OP Fraud Analysts at work, COOPER can outpace fraudsters to improve your line of defense and speed the resolution process, too.

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COOPER Fraud Analyzer

This fraud mitigation tool combines rules, decisioning and reporting to provide fraud prevention and detection to all Shared Branch Network account-based products. When a transaction is flagged as suspicious, COOPER Fraud Analyzer opens a case to be investigated further. The disposition of the transaction is recorded in the database, so COOPER can learn from the experience, adding yet another layer of intelligence to the system.


COOPER Fraud Score (coming next)

COOPER Fraud Score will use machine learning to create a risk scoring model that determines the level of suspicion on a transaction on both account-based and card-based products. The score will have the capability to detect when an attack is made on a credit union so that it can be quickly detected and stopped.


To learn more about COOPER, click here.

Card Controls & Alerts

How do you differentiate your credit and debit cards by making them truly convenient and more secure in the mobile-first era?

CardNav by CO-OP Card Controls & Alerts helps your members help themselves by empowering them to decide when, where and how their cards are used – in advance and in real time. CardNav by CO-OP provides transaction-level alerts and controls via your members’ personal smartphones, inspiring confidence and moving your cards to the top of members’ wallets.

Available as a standalone app and an API that integrates with your existing mobile banking app, CardNav by CO-OP transforms the cardholder experience:

  • Increase your members’ control over their financial lives
  • Engage members with your mobile channel
  • Differentiate your cards
  • Streamline your operations.

EMV Chip Cards

EMV provides enhanced security for your members by reducing fraud on their credit and debit cards. The microchip embedded in the payment card is encrypted, adding more security than the traditional magnetic strip. Duplicating EMV cards is difficult and expensive, discouraging fraudsters from creating counterfeit cards.

Wherever you are in the EMV conversion process, CO-OP can help with strategy, planning and implementation:

  • Extensive library of tools for budgeting, planning, coordinating vendors and getting answers to frequently asked questions
  • Implementation assistance as you migrate your cards to EMV
  • Customizable marketing resources to help you communicate with members about EMV.