Engage ATM Terminal Driving

Innovation makes it possible for your ATMs to do more than ever: engage members, streamline your operations and expand your self-service capabilities. 

ATM Terminal Driving is a comprehensive and flexible set of products that reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and engage your members. Backed by more than three decades of EFT processing experience, CO-OP solutions employ best in class technology to enable ongoing innovation while enabling your credit union to leverage the visibility of the only nationally recognized credit union consumer brand.

CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving uses secure, dual-site processing for outstanding reliability and unprecedented uptime. Clients have access to the lowest cost telecommunications infrastructure and a wide range of product innovations to help maximize the efficiency and impact of their ATMs. 


CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving brings unmatched power and efficiency.

ATM Innovations

ATM Visual Control remotely manages marketing and operational functions through three modules:

  • Content Manager schedules, delivers and displays graphic marketing campaigns at the ATM via screens and receipt text.
  • Electronic Journal Manager performs high‑speed EJ uploads and quick transaction research.
  • Remote Manager performs off-site maintenance including remote reboots and troubleshooting.

CO-OP ATM Check Imaging enables ATM check deposits with receipts and scanned check images – without the hassle of envelopes or deposit slips.

CO-OP Insights Center provides marketing analytics revealing how members and non‑members use your ATMs, so you can best plan ATM sites and promotions to maximize revenue.

Branch Transformation & Self-Service Solutions

CO-OP has the ability to transform your branch with teller automation solutions such as the Diebold In-Lobby Teller, NCR Interactive Teller Machine and Nautilus Hyosung MX8800. And with CO-OP ATM Self Service credit unions can handle complex transactions and engage members for a more convenient and personalized ATM experience.

Outstanding reliability and unprecedented uptime.

Members want to connect with your credit union through channels that best suit their needs – and they want those channels to deliver a seamless and secure experience, too. So when your ATM offers the personal touch of the branch, as well as the speed and convenience of mobile, you build a cohesive experience for members, no matter how they choose to interact with you.

ATM Member Engagement Solutions

CO-OP Locator Mobile App simplifies member transactions on the go and quickly identifies location of credit union ATMs.

Card Before Cash Option returns your member’s debit card before dispensing cash, preventing left-behind debit, credit, and ATM cards.

Member Choice Bill Mix lets your members determine the denominations when they withdraw cash.

Balance Inquiry First gives members the convenience of checking an account balance before other transactions.

Tile-Based Interface offers a superior experience on touch-screen ATMs.

Cardholder Preferences allow members set fast cash amount, language, and receipt preference.

ATM Security/Compliance

  • EMV at the ATM
  • PCI
  • Voice Guidance
  • Windows 10

Terminal Management Tools – Access Via MyCO-OP

ATM Cash Management streamlines cash forecasting to improve cash ordering and tracking accuracy.

DataNavigator offers transaction research, online adjustments and device management.

Remote ATM Management provides diagnostic information in real time.

EZ Admin for Check Imaging helps mitigate risk and reduce the number of items needing human review.

ATM Monitoring Tools help you monitor everything in your network.