CO-OP Enhances ATM Terminal Driving Services With 'Digital First' Credit Union Members In Mind

CO-OP Enhances ATM Terminal Driving Services With 'Digital First' Credit Union Members In Mind

Self-service Banking is a Top Priority for Today’s Digital Consumers

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. – To ensure credit unions deliver on the expectations of digital-first consumers, CO-OP Financial Services is rolling out enhancements to its ATM Terminal Driving solution, including new personalization capabilities and upgraded hardware and software support.


“To integrate legacy networks into the increasingly digital business of serving members, it’s important to reexamine what modern members need from these channels and how they are evolving their use of them,” said Kathy Snider, Senior Vice President with CO-OP.


“The enhancements to CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving are designed to deepen member engagement and increase the transactions and revenues credit unions can realize from the digitally transforming ATM channel,” said Snider. “Digital consumers are accustomed to highly personalized, predictive and seamless experiences that blend digital and physical interactions. We are optimizing the ATM channel with a digital mindset to transform everyday banking tasks.”


According to Snider, the fintech provider is taking a similar approach to transforming each of the networks – legacy and emerging – that make up the CO-OP ecosystem. This includes card and digital payments, mobile/digital banking, the CO-OP Shared Branch network and a growing suite of banking APIs.


Three Enhancements to CO-OP ATM Solutions


Cardholder Preferences


As consumers navigate what Accenture calls the “Super MyWay,” hyper-personalized experiences are increasingly important to digital consumers. They also appreciate speed and doing business with brands that demonstrate knowledge of how they like to be served. CO-OP is answering these demands with increased credit union member options for configuring preferences at the ATM.


Members who visit a CO-OP ATM managed via CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving will be allowed to “set it and forget it” in three areas: default “fast cash” withdrawal amount, language preference and whether or not they’d like a paper receipt dispensed following their transactions. After setting their preferences, the member will no longer be prompted to make those elections at every visit.


“Once a member enables their ATM preferences, they will be available at all ATMs driven by CO-OP, not just their credit union’s ATM,” said Snider. “This is a significant improvement to the user experience.”


Iterative Software/Hardware


CO-OP is continuing to invest in supporting the newest and most advanced ATM hardware and software available in the industry. ATMs driven by CO-OP can now support Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 model hardware and the latest Diebold Vista 5.2.3 ATM software. “This technology is the among the most sophisticated in the marketplace, ensuring credit unions continue to provide seamless, secure experiences that motivate members to seek out their terminals,” said Snider.


Remote Balancing


CO-OP’s push for a more seamless integration of back-office management tools brings a new web-based ATM management solution to credit union personnel in charge of daily ATM balancing. The app’s enhanced point-and-click interface replaces archaic green-screen technology. According to Snider, the enhancement will help more cooperatives realize measurable back-office efficiencies, which will ultimately improve the overall member experience.


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