Co Op Financial Services Cuprodigy Partner To Offer On Line Bill Payment



With approximately 75 percent of payments now handled electronically, CO-OP and CUProdigy are looking to provide a meaningful alternative to credit union members for making online bill payments. Under the agreement, CUProdigy clients will be able to buy electronic bill pay services much less expensively through CO-OP than they could on their own or directly with other providers.

"We gravitated toward CUProdigy as a new business partner because we are looking for thoughtful ways to build awareness of our bill payment products and scale this business efficiently," said Todd Clark, President/CEO of CO-OP. "CUProdigy can deliver value to their client base by providing this alternative bill payment arrangement as an option for their members, further building the trust factor they already have with their client owners."

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, CUProdigy ( is a technology credit union service organization focused exclusively on delivering cloud-based solutions to credit unions of all sizes. In addition to a browser-based core processing platform, CUProdigy's other cloud computing services include server virtualization, disaster recovery and virtual desktop infrastructure.   

CO-OP Bill Pay enables members to receive, view, manage and pay all of their bills when they log-on to their credit union's home or mobile banking site. CO-OP's MemberPayPLUS product is utilized by credit unions of all sizes across the country. The aggregation of credit union bill pay volumes allows CO-OP to offer its clients the bill payment solution at significant cost savings.

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About CO-OP Financial Services

CO-OP Financial Services is a financial technology company that supports 3,500 credit unions and 60 million members by providing a cutting-edge suite of customizable tools and services. The company was the first in its industry to merge purpose, innovation and technology to help credit unions advance the industry mission of people helping people. To learn more visit

About CUProdigy

Based in Layton, Utah, CUProdigy is a technology-focused credit union service organization created to make its member credit unions more efficient and cost-effective through superior, cloud-based solutions. The CUSO offers its own modern, cloud-based core processing platform, as well as core-agnostic cloud-based IT infrastructure services that include a very robust virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. Additional information is available at