Ensenta Corporation Earns New Patent For Remote Deposit Capture Technology



REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., March 18, 2014 - Ensenta Corporation has been granted a patent for software that significantly improves the ability to troubleshoot and fix problems incurred when remotely depositing checks using computers or mobile devices.

The patent, number 8,660,952, "System and Method for Improved Remote Deposit User Support," is the third one granted to Ensenta by the United States Patent and Trademark Office since March 2012.

"There is night and day difference in our ability to support customers, certify strategic partners and improve the user experience through this patented technology," said Richard Klein, Chief Technology Officer, Ensenta Corporation. "We are able to improve system performance to all consumers by rapidly acting on a single error report, without waiting for repeated occurrences."

The technology addresses remote deposit capture (RDC) issues such as improperly taken pictures, missing information and lapses in the transfer of image data. Technical support organizations need immediate access to detailed information to serve end-users experiencing trouble in completing remote check deposits.

Commercially available as EnsentaInstaSupport, the solution logs several dozen attributes during each user session and makes the information available in real-time through a Web portal to authorized personnel.InstaSupportfacilitates a unique image audit trail by storing originally uploaded images as well as those processed at various stages, including failed images.

Technical support staff can help end users rapidly identify and fix problems, thus improving user experience and boosting operational efficiency.

InstaSupportalso allows Ensenta to analyze data globally from successful and failed deposits across eight dimensions, such as institution type, deposit channel and mobile banking platform, to ensure continuous improvement of the Ensenta solution suite.

"We congratulate Ensenta, a valued business partner, on another milestone in its journey of innovation," said Stan Hollen, President/CEO of CO-OP Financial Services of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and a member of Ensenta's Board of Directors. "Their superior technology allows us to provide exceptional services to our credit unions and their members through our CO-OP My Deposit remote deposit products for home, small businesses, branches and mobile devices."

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About Ensenta Corporation

Ensenta Corporation is an award-winning Silicon Valley software developer creating innovative Cloud-based imaging and self-service technologies for the financial services industry. Ensenta's products are distributed by leading mobile banking providers, core banking processors, and ATM networks and manufacturers. The company's solutions are used by 500 credit unions and other financial institutions nationwide.

Ensenta has three patents issued and one application pending. In 2014, Ensenta also received two XCelent awards for technology and functionality by Celent, a leading financial industry research and consulting firm ( Remote Deposit Capture Solutions 2013: ABCD Vendor View). For more information about Ensenta,