Diebold Enhances Oregon Community Credit UnionS New Service Center With Co Op Nextgen Atm

Diebold Enhances Oregon Community Credit Union’s New Service Center With CO-OP NextGen ATM

New Service Center With CO-OP NextGen ATM

NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Sept. 19, 2013 - Diebold, Incorporated (DBD) and CO-OP Financial Services are enhancing self-service banking experience at Oregon Community Credit Union's (OCCU's) new Salem Service Center - for both OCCU members and non-members. Leveraging Opteva® automated teller machines (ATMs) featuring the CO-OP NextGen ATM to enable Shared Branching transactions, OCCU is extending the convenience of self-service deposit automation technology to its members, and members of participating CO-OP Shared Branching credit unions. OCCU is also enhancing teller efficiency at the branch with a Diebold Opteva 228 Express Cash Recycler (ECR).

Based in Eugene, Ore., OCCU is Oregon's second largest state-chartered credit union. It operates nine branches spanning from Eugene to Salem. With its new Service Center, OCCU wanted to deliver convenient, efficient banking experiences.

"Our goal is to provide superior service from the teller line to the self-service channel. Offering deposit automation at the ATM encourages our members to adopt a convenient option for managing routine transactions," said Darrell Stark, chief retail officer, OCCU. "We expect to transition more of our traditional teller line traffic, as well as Shared Branching traffic, to the ATM, giving our staff more opportunities to strengthen member relationships during more complex teller-assisted transactions."

OCCU's Opteva ECR teller automation solution also promotes relationship building, as it helps tellers spend less time counting cash and replenishing drawers. The cash recycler accepts notes, verifies their authenticity, sorts notes by denomination and reuses them for withdrawals.

"OCCU is welcoming automation on two fronts to promote efficiencies for both consumers and its operations," said Mychal D. Kempt, vice president, North America operations, Diebold. "Deposit automation at the ATM is reducing the amount of time members spend waiting in teller lines. And teller automation is streamlining in-line transactions, while reducing tellers' administrative demands."

Diebold is supporting OCCU's new ATMs through multiple integrated services, including maintaining up-to-date security patches and anti-virus and operating system software on the terminals.

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