First Of Its Kind Video Atm Comes To Missoula

First of its Kind Video ATM Comes to Missoula


MISSOULA - The Garden City is offering a test run of a technology not available anywhere else in the world. 

The Missoula Federal Credit Union now offers a video ATM, becoming the Alpha testing site for a new technology that could potentially change a visit to the bank as we know it.

The machine works just like any other ATM, except now you have the opportunity to video chat with a life teller and do all your banking straight from the kiosk.

The machines are located at Missoula Federal Credit Union's downtown and University branches.

"If you have a rural or outlying area, somebody can go to that ATM and handle a plethora of transactions that they normally couldn't do before. I guess the advantage of it is you get to connect your members to more services," MFCU Vice President Bill St. John explained.

"They have the ability to speak to somebody directly, as more questions, have more services available to them. Ten years, 15 years from now when you see video ATMs everything to think to yourself, 'that's really neat that the first video ATM was at our branch in Missoula Montana and we got to be the ones who worked on getting it set up'," he concluded. 

The ATMs can only be found here in Missoula as they test out the new technology which could be the future of the industry.