Co Op Financial Services Offers Consumer Ad Campaign To Credit Unions



RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (March 14, 2012) – CO-OP Financial Services is announcing the launch of a consumer advertising campaign themed “Credit Unions Do” and designed to promote credit union membership. Campaign materials are free to all credit unions – regardless of their affiliation with CO-OP Financial Services – and can be customized by individual institutions.

The campaign is the next phase of the “Banks Don’t Like You” consumer advertising CO-OP Financial Services initiated in November 2011 (see Moving from “Banks Don’t Like You,” this effort stresses “Credit Unions Do” wonderful work on behalf of their members. 

“While credit unions have a huge opportunity right now to gain new members, many don’t have the necessary resources to create the kind of high-end marketing materials that will get them noticed,” said Caroline Lane, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing for CO-OP Financial Services. “This integrated campaign will allow credit unions of all asset sizes to share in a unified brand message that highlights the benefits of switching to a credit union.” 

CO-OP Financial Services will display the campaign March 18-20 in booth 401 at CUNA’s Government Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C.

The campaign is humorously based on the trials and tribulations of earning a living, and features the tag line, “Making Money is Hard. But Putting It in the Right Place Doesn’t Have to Be.”

The ads can be customized to include an individual credit union’s logo and web address. Initially, materials will be offered in the form of print ads and web banners. 

“These ads are designed to educate a whole new generation of potential members about what ‘Credit Unions Do’ – from offering better rates and friendly member service to the convenience of a network of shared branches and surcharge-free ATMs,” said Lane.

The materials can be downloaded immediately at

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