Ilt And Co Op Member Center Launch Partnership

ILT and CO-OP Member Center Launch Partnership


ILT provides a complete Web-based system for managing indirect lending for vehicle and other equipment dealers and lenders known as Dealer Indirect Lending and Leasing System™, or DILLS™. CO-OP Member Center provides 24/7 loan underwriting services for automobile and real estate lenders. Through this partnership, CO-OP Member Center's experienced lending professionals will have direct access to the DILLS™ system to underwrite indirect loans on behalf of ILT's lender clients and respond to its dealers within minutes.

"Most of our lender clients are credit unions," said William McGregor, President, ILT. "CO-OP Member Center's unique knowledge of and relationship with credit unions makes them particularly well suited to serve our clients' needs. Having well trained and experienced CO-OP Member Center underwriters always available will provide our credit union clients with a simple and immediately available way to provide better service to their members and dealer partners.

"Our credit union clients know that their members and dealers have come to expect immediate responses to loan applications," said McGregor. "Utilizing the services of CO-OP Member Center and taking advantage of their expertise on DILLS™, our credit unions can offer complete loan underwriting services for their members' convenience without the expense of full-time staffing."

"Credit union executives know all too well that with declining lending volumes, credit unions can't let any opportunities get away," said Mark Chatfield, Chief Operating Officer, CO-OP Member Center. "This partnership will help our clients capture every loan opportunity, ensuring that credit unions no longer need be confined by their office hours to approve loans from members."

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, CO-OP Member Center offers 24/7 lending services, including remote underwriting support. The CO-OP Financial Services subsidiary also offers a wide range of member services exclusively for credit unions, such as after-hours and as-needed call center duties. For more information, visit

For more information on the ILT and CO-OP partnership, contact William McGregor at 801-581-9500 or

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Based in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., CO-OP Financial Services is the industry leader in access and convenience products for credit unions. With 30 years of credit union service, CO-OP connects credit union members to their accounts through network, payment processing, e-commerce, shared branching and call center services. With more than 3,000 credit union members, 30 million cardholders, 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs, 4,300 shared branch locations and more than two billion annual transactions, CO-OP Financial Services is the nation's largest credit union service organization, offering the tools, counsel and leadership to help credit unions prosper. To learn more, visit

About Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC

Integrated Lending Technologies, LLC offers innovative technology solutions and consulting services for the lending industry. Its most popular product is Dealer Indirect Lending and Leasing System™or DILLS™, a complete web-based system for managing the automotive indirect lending process. DILLS™ is integrated with DealerTrack, RouteOne and AppOne, or dealers may use the DILLS™ application which accommodates all kinds of equipment. ILT also offers Professional Indirect Lending System™, or PILS®, another web-based solution that automates and simplifies "lifestyle" and other types of unsecured lending. The PILS® application can be completed by a healthcare provider (or other vendor) or by the consumer in the provider's place of business or from anywhere with the use of a secured website link. Both ILT systems include the most versatile automated decisioning system in the industry, regulatory compliance tools, management reports and automated downloads into most core management systems.