Co Op Ad Lab From Co Op Financial Services Makes It Easy For Credit Unions To Market To Members

CO-OP Ad Lab From CO-OP Financial Services Makes It Easy for Credit Unions To Market To Members


"In highly competitive markets, it has never been more important for credit unions to communicate how easy it is for their members to access their accounts," said Stan Hollen, President/CEO, CO-OP Financial Services. "We created CO-OP Ad Lab to alleviate many of the costs and work load involved in marketing."

CO-OP Ad Lab materials are available for a range of CO-OP products in an array of formats - statement inserts, flyers, brochures, Web banners and posters. These materials are free for member credit unions of CO-OP Financial Services to download and customize in their brand look, add their logos or use as-is.

The updated Web site ( features a new layout, easier navigation and 15 new marketing campaigns for credit unions to choose from, including those supporting mobile banking, scanning/depositing checks from home and surcharge-free access to ATMs.

In addition, CO-OP Ad Lab now includes two programs for participating member credit unions: CO-OP Preferred, a turnkey marketing solution; and CO-OP Ad Partnership, a subsidy program for printing marketing materials.

CO-OP Preferred is a fully managed option for select Ad Lab campaigns, where CO-OP will customize the artwork, then fulfill orders, print and mail materials, and provide reporting. CO-OP will also offer special quarterly promotions under this program. CO-OP Ad Partnership is a limited time offer in which CO-OP will subsidize 50 percent of the printing costs for Ad Lab marketing materials (up to a $1,500 match per participating credit union per year).

"Marketing departments at credit unions are very busy and often have limited resources in budget and personnel," said Hollen. "Co-OP Ad Lab makes it simple to promote everything from where to find a surcharge-free ATM to promoting a member rewards program."

For more information about CO-OP Ad Lab, please visit, or contact the Marketing department at or 800.782.9042, ext. 7001.

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