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Card Payments


Grow revenue and control costs with one comprehensive ATM, Debit and Credit payments processing solution. An unmatched level of fraud prevention and distinctive portfolio management tools maximize savings and revenue.



Deliver a high-touch, on-demand, on-the-go, always-on member experience. Member checking accounts become an electronic hub for managing deposits and payments. Expand transactions and attract more accounts by giving your members the freedom to manage their financial lives on their terms.

Not just convenience, but hyper-convenience. That's what members and prospective members expect when choosing a primary financial institution. By combining the top three fundamental consumer access channels, CO-OP Locations gives your credit union the power to become the anywhere-anytime financial institution for consumers who place a high value on convenience. That means retaining and acquiring more members and leveling the playing field when it comes to competing with national and regional banks.

Offer your members more ATMs than any major bank or credit union network, the reach of the only national shared branching network with locations in all 50 states, and the peace of mind of 24/7 phone support for lending and member service. CO-OP provides options to work with your current infrastructure as well as complement your mobile and online solutions.


  • CO-OP Network

    CO-OP Network

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    Reach out to your members and offer them the access and convenience they want, with easily recognized nationwide terminals and the latest tools for locating them. A single source provides everything you need. CO-OP supports its vast fleet of ATMs with a high-visibility signage program and marketing materials through The CO-OP Marketing and Promotions Portal. And a full suite of locator tools makes it simple to find the nearest ATM using a mobile, landline or online connection.

    What's Included:
    What's Optional:
    • image01Marketing Portal/ATM Signage Program
    • image01Locator Services
    • image01Network Connections
    • image01PIN POS
  • ATM


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    When leveraged to its full potential, the ATM channel can be your primary tool for deepening member engagement and expanding member relationships. This means more high-touch opportunities to retain and attract new members, as well as cross-sell services to generate income. As the category leader and only processor with solutions tailored specifically for the credit union movement, CO-OP ATM offers you the simplest yet most innovative and comprehensive program available. It's complete with all the features you need to reduce costs, technical issues, security concerns and overhead, allowing you to implement the most effective ATM solution for today, and plan for the future.

    What's Included:
    What's Optional:
    • image01ATM Processing
    • image01ATM Innovations
    • image01ATM Managed Services
    • image01ATM Self-Service
    • image01ATM Reporting
    • image01Charitable Donations at the ATM
  • Shared Branching

    Shared Branching

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    Brings members and prospects what they think only the big banks can do: offer thousands of branch locations around the country and world. Leverage the strength of the fourth largest branch network in the nationto retain your most active and profitable members. Extend the in-branch member service experience with the leading shared branching technology available anywhere.

    What's Included:
    What's Optional:
    • image01Marketing Portal
    • image01Locator Services
    • image01Member Contact Center
    • image01Sprig by CO-OP
    • image01Self Service
    • image01Network Operations
    • image01CO-OP CIMple Teller
  • Call Center

    Call Center

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    Provide your members with versatility that goes beyond normal business hours with 24/7 telephone support. Engage members, drive operational efficiencies, and maximize revenue any time of day with member, lending, mortgage, and outbound services. Maintain a high service standard level during peak hours while offering lending and other services around the clock.

    What's Included:
    What's Optional:
    • image01Member Services
    • image01Lending Services
    • image01CO-OP Mortgage Solutions
  • Branch Transformation Resource Center

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