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What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. An RSS feed is a list or “stream” of headlines or summaries of content that you are interested in. Subscribing to a feed makes it possible to review a large amount of that content in a very short time. To read RSS content you will need to use an “Aggregator” program.

The CO-OP Financial Services RSS-feed collects all of the recent news and events relevant to our members into one convenient stream that you can subscribe to. After you have subscribed to our feed, you will be able to access a listing of headlines through an Aggregator program you have selected. When you click on the headline or summary that interests you, that link will take you directly to the full article on the CO-OP Financial Services website.

What is an “Aggregator”?

To read RSS content, you will need to use a software  called an Aggregator. This software can be web-based or desktop-based. Such applications are also referred to
as RSS readers, feed readers, feed aggregators, news readers or search aggregators. Once subscribed to a feed, an aggregator is able to check for new content at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update.

On the Web
Web-based solutions give you the advantage of being able to access your feed updates anywhere you can find a web browser. Aggregator features are built into most web browsers, or you can choose to use an online service as an aggregator. These aggregator features are frequently built into portal sites (such as My Yahoo! and iGoogle).

On Your Desktop
Desktop-based aggregators are applications that can be installed in your PC that will collect RSS feed subscriptions, group them together and display them in a way that usually resembles your email program. There are many, many RSS aggregator programs on the market. If a desktop-based reader is more to your liking, some of the more popular are listed to the right. Do a little research and see which of them you prefer.

How do I subscribe to CO-OP Financial Services'
RSS Feed?

To use a browser-based aggregator:

  1. Click on the link to the CO-OP Financial Services RSS feed belowrss icon
  2. If your browser has the built-in aggregator ability, the application should start the subscription process
  3. Follow the instructions your browser should provide and you will be subscribed

To use a Web-based aggregator:

  1. Choose a web-based aggregator
  2. Create an account (if necessary)
  3. Copy this link
  4. Follow the instructions on the site to subscribe to an RSS feed
  5. When the site asks for the link or location of the feed, paste in the copied link

To use a desktop-based aggregator:

  1. Choose an application
  2. Install the application
  3. Copy this link
  4. Follow the instructions within the application to subscribe to an RSS feed
  5. When the application asks for the link or location of the feed, paste in the
    copied link




NewsGator - FeedDemon 2.0
(Windows, more info)

NewsGator - Inbox for
Microsoft Outlook


NewsGator - NetNewsWire
(OS X)

(via "Live Bookmarks" feature)

(feed support in the Apple OS X
native browser)

Pulp Fiction
(OS X)

Online Services
Google Reader


My Yahoo!




Podcast Readers