CO-OP Member Center Benefits

Efficient. Flexible. 24/7.

What is CO-OP Member Center?

Key Features:

  • Phone, Internet, and indirect member access.
  • Networked with CUDL, DealerTrack, Route 1.
  • 24/7/365 member access and lending services.
  • Outbound call capabilities.
  • Flexibility to increase capacity efficiency and avoid resource allocation mismanagement.

CO-OP Member Center was launched following the acquisition of the well-established LoanLink Center from CUNA Mutual. A highly flexible call center solution, CO-OP Member Center provides your members with convenient 24/7 access to both Member Services and Lending Services.

First and foremost, CO-OP Member Center is an outsourcing solution designed with your needs in mind. You choose the level of service, or the combination of services, that best meets your needs.

Plug and Play with NGN

CO-OP Member Services plugs directly into the NGN Universal Hub. After an easy implementation process, your members will have access to all the benefits of a 24/7 call center solution. In addition to CO-OP Member Services, your credit union can leverage the NGN Universal Hub to access other innovative CO-OP products and services, including:

  • CO-OP Mobile
  • CO-OP My Deposit
  • CO-OP Fast Branch
  • CO-OP Shared Branching
Call Center Solutions:

Designed by experts who understand credit unions, CO-OP Member Center offers two service options, giving you the flexibility to choose how either - or both - can best serve your members' needs.

Member Services

Convenience and access around the clock. That's what today's credit union member demands, and what you can expect from CO-OP Member Center.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with respected industry data processors and loan origination system providers. Agents available on your members’ schedules, not just during normal hours.
  • Flexibility of being available 24/7 and ability to handle overflow high-traffic day capacity.
  • Extended off-hour operations.
  • Ability to offer members the experience of direct communication with the credit union, without the staffing or operational costs of maintaining your own system.

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Lending Services

Give your members the ability to apply for loans anytime, from anywhere. At the same time, your credit union can take advantage of increased profits by growing your lending operations and cross-selling other products and services.

Key Features:

  • Fully integrated data availability to quickly and efficiently process applications and member transactions.
  • Phone, indirect/Internet lending support.
  • Integration with data systems and Lending Operating Service (LOS) improves efficiency and reduces the opportunity for errors.
  • Outbound Call Services allow cross-selling using live agents or auto-messaging.

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Outbound Call Services

Choose Live Agent campaigns to use proven, member-centric preview dial technology and highly trained agents.

  • Make the most of your call time with agents who preview each offer before connecting with a member.
  • Convey your credit union’s personality in natural conversations with members, free from a rigid script.
  • Treat your members courteously by connecting them immediately with a live agent, instead of hold music or dead air.
  • Choose Automated campaigns to reach a high volume of members using automated outbound messages.
    • Generate new loans and income efficiently.
    • Strengthen relationships by keeping members apprised of additional ways their credit union can serve them.

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